1. Lawn Care
    Gutshall Lawn & Landscape is proud of our ability to meet the needs of our clients.
    Our goal is to give you a healthy, green and weed free lawn. We strive to stay at the
  2. Landscaping
    Gutshall Lawn & Landscape can design a landscape that will provide you with that
    outdoor room that you have been dreaming for. By providing a well-balanced
    combination of landscape plants and architectural features, we can
  3. Hardscaping
    Hardscape, or “hardscaping” consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping,
    especially any masonry work or woodwork. For instance, stone walls, concrete or
    brick patios, tile paths, wooden decks and wooden arbors would all be considered
  4. Winter Care
    Reliable.... What a good snow&ice removal service has to be. When weather
    conditions are at their worst, Gutshall, will be there to provide the necessary
    services needed to keep your businesses or residential properties open
    Lawn & Landscape
    We are located in central Pennsylvania and serving all surrounding areas, Gutshall
    has over 30 years of professional lawn care and landscape experience.
Serving all of the West Shore!

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